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Memory Registry

MEMORIES (23/93)

Already received

Significant Positive (6/11)
Happy childhood with Asumu [headcanon] (09)
Pep talks from witches -- "Slice up your cowtits and make me a sandwich" [ep2 tea party/???]
Battle against EVA [ep3]
Battle in the study [ep5]
Reception rescue [ep6] (27)
A proper wedding [ep6 tea party] (31)
Childhood friendship with Shannon [ep7] (03)
Giving Ange the key [ep7 ???/ep8] (29)
Wrap party [ep8]
Kicking Bern's ass -- Ange's choice [ep8]
Reunion and resurrection [ep8 ???]

Significant Neutral (6/25)
"You think this is torture for me? You're wrong!" [ep2] (19)
Introduction to Red Truth [ep2] (15)
Attacking with 19th person X [ep3]
Fucking magic battles, how do they work?! [ep3] (18)
Closed room chain: a fight on even footing [ep3]
The weight of life and the true purpose of magic [ep3]
Welcome to the Golden Land [ep3]
Blue machine gun to counter the red sword [ep4]
Rejoining the fifth game [ep5]
Mystery vs. Anti-fantasy -- Natsuhi's lonely teatime [ep5]
Solving the epitaph...kind of? [ep5]
Actually stopping to analyse Beato's motives for once [ep5]
Teatime with Virgilia and Dlanor [ep5] (20)
Natsuhi's sin [ep5]
"And then...I...knew." [ep 5 ???]
Running the sixth game [ep6]
"Why not think of her as my daughter?" -- joining the love trial [ep6]
Erika's handicap -- duct tape!!! [ep6] (13)
Waiting for a miracle [ep6
Ange's tantrum -- being an old married couple with Beato [ep8]
Ange the party pooper - battle against goats and Erika [ep8]
Ange comes home -- the City of Books [ep8]
The third day [ep8]
Meeting Ikuko [ep8]

Significant Negative (5/20)
The bodies in the shed [ep1] (07)
"That bastard can't escape this island until tomorrow either...!" [ep1]
The door to the Golden Land opens [ep1]
Tea party in Purgatorio [ep1 tea party/???]
HAPPY HALLOWEEN FOR MARIA -- the trolling begins [ep2] (12)
Jessica's room and the number of keys [ep2]
Incompetence [ep2]
Surrender [ep2]
Phone calls and a test [ep4] (21)
Beato closes the game board [ep4]
Ange's sacrifice [ep4]
The final duel [ep4 tea party]
The Court of Illusions [ep5]
Making games is almost as hard as reviving witches [ep6]
Falling into the logic error trap [ep6]
Logic error [ep6] (starter)
Worst wedding ever [ep6] (08)
Beatrice's funeral [ep7]
Rokkenjima Prime [ep7 tea party/headcanon]
First recollections of Rokkenjima [ep8]
Nameless years [ep 8 ???]

Trivial Positive (4/10)
The trip to Rokkenjima [ep1] (14)
Almost groping Shannon [ep1] (01)
Applauding Eva's ascension [ep3]
Valentine's and White Day [Tsubasa]
Visiting home for Ange's birthdays [ep4]
Being a totally awesome Game Master [Tsubasa] (06)
Dinner and puzzles with Erika [ep6] (16)
Bringing Ange to Rokkenjima -- Happy Halloween, everybody! [ep8]
Bernkastel's game [ep8]
Becoming a mystery writer [ep8]

Trivial Neutral (2/9)
Writing letters to the cousins [ep7]
Lunch with the family head missing [ep1]
The portrait and the epitaph [ep1] (05)
"Let's always be friendly and happy!" [ep3]
Start of the fourth game -- allied with Gretel [ep4]
Gretel is triggered by this bullshit [ep4]
Half-smashed faces and Gaap's fashion sense (which is worse?) [ep4]
Erika's introduction [ep5]
Erika questions the legends of Rokkenjima [ep6] (02)

Trivial Negative (4/18)
Rosa is the best mom ever [ep1]
Beatrice's letter ruins dinner [ep1/ep3]
"Beatrice really exists!" [ep1] (11)
Playing detective with Eva [ep1]
Turn of the witch [ep2] (10)
Rosa takes charge [ep2]
Wolves and sheep [ep2] (17)
Beatrice keeps her promises [ep2]
"Battler-kun, I've concluded that you are the wolf." [ep2]
Fun and games with the Stakes [ep3] (04)
Ronove's introduction [ep3]
07151129 [ep3]
Trapped in the guesthouse with the cousins [ep4]
Ragequitting the fifth game [ep5] (22)
Unexpected successor [ep5]
First Twilight and Detective's authority [ep5] (24)
"If I had come back during those six years...things might have turned out differently, huh." [ep8 manga]
Lambda freaks out in the Golden Land [ep8]

SKILLS (9/20)

Mundane (6/8)
Mysteries and logic 1 (01)
Mysteries and logic 2
Chess (4)
Card games
Engrish (3)
~Proper behavior for a high-class gentleman~ (6)
Author skills (9)
Looking totally badass in a cape (2)

Special 2/8)
Blue Truth (5)
Red Truth (8)
Endless Nine
Sorcerer status
Gold Truth
Magic - general
Magic - flight
Magic - ~turning into butterflies~
Endless magic!

Other (1/4)
White hair
Brain damage