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Memory 19

Memory: "You think this is torture for me? You're wrong!" [ep2] (Significant Neutral)
Game: Mal's title game
Day: 208
Form: Memories come in the form of a black rose stem (with no head or leaves), with five sharp thorns. Prick your finger to view the memory. 4/5 uses left.

Very well, are all the pieces lined up now......? Shall we line up all of these pieces again and start a new game?

BEATRICE: Do you have a problem...?

BATTLER: ......Nope.

The witch looked at him in challenge while elegantly smoking her pipe.

And Battler? He just slovenly shrugged his shoulders as though he didn't really feel like being her opponent.

He just couldn't make his eyes meet hers. But that didn't mean he wasn't a match for her. ...It signified his plain determination to never be taken in by the artifices of this bastard. It was an expression of his powerful determination to fight.

BEATRICE: Don't you tell me you don't have a plan...?

BATTLER: Since I don't know your moves, I don't have any plan. ...Feel free to take the initiative.

BEATRICE: Hmph... Naturally, you'll allow me that. In what way shall I destroy your defense? With how many moves will I checkmate you? ......It's an opportunity to display my skills.

BATTLER: ............Whatever moves you come at me with, I won't believe you! ...As long as I stand my ground on that point, I won't lose. And that's that. This game was made so that I can't defeat you, right...?

BEATRICE: Maybe you're right. However, you know what? I'll decide how many times we'll repeat this game. It will be repeated over and over again, until I win and you recognize your defeat, okay...? In other words, this is torture. It's eternal torture that will continue until you surrender to me...! It will continue eternally, until you recognize me and the existence of the witch!

BATTLER: ......In that case, I'll go along with you endlessly, any number of times, until you run out of patience. I've never lost in these 'endurance competitions'.

BEATRICE: Did a witch from somewhere suggest that to you...? *cackle*cackle*, that's just fine...!

BATTLER: I'm tired of listening to your rambling. ...C'mon, get this started!

BEATRICE: Come, let us begin! I already know your moves far too well. A defense doesn't amount to much if the plan behind it is known! Don't think you'll be able to defy me with the same moves!!

BATTLER: ......Beatrice. I have only one thing to tell you before we start.

BEATRICE: What is it...?

BATTLER: You're free to say anything. However, whether I'll believe you or not, is something - I'll decide - for myself...! No matter how much of this magic you have! My soul won't yield to you. You think this is torture for me? You're wrong!!

BEATRICE: Then, what are you talking about...!

BATTLER: This is torture for you!! Someday you will yield to me and give up! Until then, you'll be tortured over and over again!

BEATRICE: How interesting, that's a nice comparison!! Torture where we torment each other sounds truly interesting! Come, shall we begin that torture!! Ushiromiya Battleeeeer!!!

What he learned:
+no new information, just +100 hotblooded shounen fighting spirit!!
+oh god past self why even with what I know now
+steaming hot sexual tension while yelling about torturing and killing each other continues to be a thing