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Question meme!

It's been a while since the last time and Battler recently reached 6500 comments so LET'S DO THIS.
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ahhhh your new manga icons are so pretty!! /)'u'(\

okay questions DO U STILL LIEK ME BATTLER...
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Y... A developing understanding of what their relationship was like back home means she is a lot more mean and flippant towards him, but she doesn't actually like him any less. Which is not even different from her memories—I mean, she is awful to him, but there's a lot of "BATTLER IS AN INTERESTING GUY," "BATTLER DID A COOL THING" in there and it still applies. She thinks he's interesting and even a little respectable when he tries... but that also means she doesn't mind ripping into him when he doesn't meet those expectations. And bullying him is... fun... as well as just talking to him in general. THERE IS A LITTLE BIT OF COMPANIONSHIP SHE FEELS IN BEING THE ONLY TWO PEOPLE IN AATHER WITH LOGIC ERROR TRAUMA but she can't express that in any way that's not ridiculously roundabout. Ummm basically she likes him, she just doesn't make an effort to act like it.

What memories are you looking forward to Battler getting back?
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At this point I'm most looking forward to EP6 and EP8 stuff, I think!! For one, I'm excited for the talk Erika and Lambda have on the balcony in EP6 about hells just because it's probably my personal favorite Lambda scene overall, and also it will give her a lot more perspective about herself and her relationship with Bern, and up her self-awareness a lot. I also look forward to any scenes in EP6 and especially EP8 where she's a helper, because it's a different side of herself than she's seen in almost any of her memories so far and that could play out in an interesting way.

Does Battler have any thoughts about what he'll do when he gets back all his memories?
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She... would probably just also stay in Aather until she can't. She hasn't actively thought about what she's going to do a lot, but if she ran out of memories she'd take the Legacy Hero position in a heartbeat if it were offered to her. She's super attached to Kunzite and wouldn't leave them until she had to or if everyone she cares about left first. As for what she'll do when she can't stay in Aather at all anymore... she just kind of assumes she'll go back to doing what she used to do, and hasn't really considered that she has other options. Like, I do remember a long time Snow asked her if she was going home after Aather and her reaction was pretty much "... YES?!?! OF COURSE?!?! WHY WOULD I NOT?!?!?!" She really just hasn't ever given it super deep thought.

How would Battler feel about following Raven and Beato back to Raven's world if that were presented as an option to him?
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Bbbbasically, she can relate to their role and doesn't resent them on a conceptual level (although sometimes she holds grudges over specific games anyway), but she doesn't particularly care about them because she doesn't really know any of them especially well. Nimue has sort of had a connection to Kunzite ever since they rocked out and invited her for tea in her poison game, so in that sense she is fond of Nimue and she also thinks she's pretty cute... but she doesn't especially feel like she relates to her in any deep way. And she hasn't really talked with any of the other Personae much. She might like Pan if she talked to her more???

Any thoughts on placement for Asahina?
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BATTLER ON ROSE and also annabeth because she's looking for someone to give them a quest for a chessboard '-'b

also what character do you want in aather from umineko and why!
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Also yes we should thread! I have Rose out in the last mingle and I can put Annabeth out anywhere, they are such cuties -- she will attempt to WIN ALWAYS!! at chess though because she loves winning. But she's not a bad winner, she likes learning too...

/)'w'(\ battler what a cutie!

UHM HMMM. Well I am lacking in slightly creepy but really adorable little girls and my age range in Aather can only get younger so at this point I think I would app Maria! There are a few characters I would consider, but Maria is the type of optimist I don't really have on my list of ladies at the moment (Jade aside of course, because she is not in aather). She would be a nice complement to Rose's reclusive pessimism and Annabeth's more outgoing realism.

But I have been told there are even more characters who I might love more coming up in a few episodes so I would really have to wait and see.

PICK A TEAM FOR CLEMENTINE '-'b Hard mode: not coral.
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Oh goodness hmmmm. I kind of want to put Jessica on somewhere like Sapphire! They seem like they have some genuinely good people on there who really care for everyone else, but also people that are like '-' yes let's be kind of sad and angry now!! And that's okay! Plus they wouldn't mind if she punched someone for great justice I think. George would be idk. He would be pretty bad on most teams, I think...but that may be because I don't really like him that much o o p s. I think he would do best on Amethyst.

Maria....I also like Amethyst for Maria, but I also like Turquoise as well! Because from what I've seen they seem to attract a pretty motley crew, but they all for the most part seem to be good people with a slightly weird and/or creepy past. Plus I think she would fight right in with their erratic occultish group of people -- being cute with Nia, stubborn with Echo, etc.

And then Ange is a knight because I say so!! 5ever alone Ange Ushiromiya A++
(and then Mal and the onyx knights secretly flufflove her into oblivion because we all know they are like a giant secret nest of good feelings)

NO I THINK THAT'S IT. What does Battler's mental timeline of his canon look like so far?
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HAHA WHAT A GREAT TIMELINE....okay so here is rose's:

Grows up alone with Mom and Jaspers
Psychoanalyzes Jaspers and learns some Very Important Things
Jaspers dies
MYSTERIOUS GROWING UP SEQUENCE??? no memories here but obviously some growing happens
Jade is a mystical wizard who proclaims the game on rose's 13th birthday
Also John sends her knitting as a present! Dave sends her nothing, the jerk
John's first, rose follows
other kids get in she guesses???
explore land, mom is gone!!
trolls. . . . ? Kanaya ////
Oops our session is doomed from the start
laughs about it!! talks to kanaya some more
doc scratch appears and is a gigantic creeper
begins destroying temples and such for the search for the green sun
lies to john
s t u f f. . . .
MORE DOC SCRATCH also jade tells her that her mom is dead!
~~~mindrape stuff~~~
Dies, wakes up on Derse! Tricks Dave into falling asleep again and runs off with the suicide mission
Is on a meteor with Dave and Kanaya, Roxy and imaginary Dirk (Dirk told her this part) -- talking about moms and also her frolicking through the doomed timelines with Davesprite! Also wearing orange pajamas.
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What's Battler's favorite thing to do in Wonderland?
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And Rose and Annabeth suddenly think he is 20x cooler
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WELL Rose thinks of him as more of a big brother than anything else (and will probably continue to do so even after she ages up) and Annabeth has always known from the beginning that she was meant to be with Percy. '-'b Fate does cruel things to poor Battler's status as a player.

ANNABETH SPENDS A LOT OF TIME IN THE LIBRARY. An inordinate amount, sometimes with Battler I'd assume, sometimes with Togame, but most of the time with Jr from Citrine. She's also found at least once a day doing a regular workout in the gym, with some variations -- she works on archery, as well as sword + shield work. She also takes regular lessons with Mithos in knife work, which she doesn't remember yet, but knows it's her absolute favorite. 'u'

Around lunch time she always goes back to Citrine and makes MEAT!!! for the crew because their resident cook is currently away with Dream on a heart game. She also checks in with all of her teammates and then, if Percy hasn't ALREADY been trailing behind her like a sad, lost puppy, he joins her and they hang out.

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so maybe I will do that

you should still do Battler's current Raven feels though if there's anything new recently

also I agree your Emerald icons are pretty
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Okay well the main changes for Erika->Battler is that she has mmmmmoderately more respect for him! Since she remembered the end of EP5 where he finds the solution and beats her. Obviously she has known that happened for a while but that's different than actually experiencing it! Also obviously she still hates him a lot for it but she can hate him a lot and still acknowledge that he came back from utter defeat and had a pretty clever twisted theory that beat her. :| :| :/a She actually had this thread with Vincent where Vincent asked for other people who might be interested in a murder mystery game, and Erika was like "no not really, even Battler would probably think you're a terrible Game Master." SO THERE YOU GO BATTLER YOU GOT SOME SIDEWAYS RESPECT, CONGRATULATIONS.

Though getting her logic error-setup murder memory did drop that back down a little, because really. What sort of lame closed rooms were those, that's the most predictable trick in the book. :|

She is also less confident that she actually kept him trapped since everyone keeps telling her she got beaten again, but that's mostly directed at Beatrice because she's the one offering that challenge!

Of course she's always on the lookout for ways to humiliate Battler again, because even if he did stay trapped he's clearly feeling entirely too okay about it at the moment. But you know, that's how it goes.

Battler's current feelings on Emerald?
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Raven loves TE a lot. '-' He will openly say that he doesn't know what he would have done without them, because he knows a huge part of what has made him a better person in Aather was their influence!! Lately he ends up in this weird position a lot of the time where he doesn't think he's responsible or anything, but well he's clearly more responsible than Mitchell the unstable vampire murderer, and Naoto and Josh and Ferris will tell him he acts like the leader and that they have faith in him, and the others are kids/a puppy and someone clearly has to take care of them, so he ends up being more or less responsible and leadery? Which is helping a lot of his personal growth and self-confidence, even if he's still not great about it, but at the same time pulling him away from his team personally a bit because in his head he can't be responsible and be open and talk about his feelings and stuff because his problems are stupid and he's not actually an admirable person in any way. He is especially doing this with Regal because obviously he has to put on a good face for the new kid. '-'a

Though they call him on that sometimes! Like Sieh did in this recent game.

In general though he loves the team and cares about them all a lot and is happy they tend to be so functional, overall, because it means they're not actually relying on him too much.

What do you think it would have been like if Battler showed up as the first Umineko character in Aather?
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Well, mostly not. He doesn't really have a whole lot of impressions of it beyond Beatrice! Basically everything Battler tells him is news, so you have seen most of his impressions IC.

He was vaguely under the impression that the game was an intellectual battle not exactly happening in reality before, but he's a very practical person so really getting the concept doesn't come very easily to him, and he doesn't have a whole lot of concrete examples anyway, although Battler explaining the chapel closed room puzzle helped some. He understands the idea of it being an important competition or a test for Battler though! And he believes that Battler can win it, both because he gets the impression that he did before and just forgot, and because it would be sad if Beatrice had to be disappointed.

It all seems to involve a lot of misunderstandings and Beatrice maybe or maybe not murdering Battler's family, though, so he sort of thinks they should move on to better and happier things as soon as that is dealt with...! And as far as the actual setting goes he basically gets the idea Beatrice's life was kind of a terrible trap of servitude, abuse and insecurity and she isn't missing anything good by not being there now that Battler is here.

YOU HAVE APP PLANS RIGHT I wasn't paying close attention. If so tell me about them!!
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Yes obviously there is no harm in trying, I was pretty sure I couldn't handle three characters for most of my time in Aather AND YET HERE WE ARE
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I don't actually have anyone else I particularly want to app right now! My app urges are actually very infrequent, which is why I played only Raven for such a long time until I found just the right female psychopath to app. (Guess who!!) And I haven't gotten super excited about any new canons since Tiger & Bunny!

I guess under the strict parameters of the question, if I had to drop someone and app someone else, I would drop Kotetsu and app Karina from Tiger & Bunny instead. Like a reasonable person.

...Or I might app Roxy from Homestuck. :|a

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... I can't remember whenever I last asked you for a relationship update thing

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Look at me cleverly responding after recent developments have happened.

THERE'S STILL PART OF HER THAT WONDERS HOW MUCH HE'S ACTUALLY SOLVED THE MYSTERY since he more alluded to things than actually "proved" anything to her, but she's willing to take that as a sign of discretion from him :x (like "I know what's going on so now I ALSO know why it is a subject you treat delicately, look at me treating it delicately!!") So she is taking on faith the idea that he really does understand her on at least a basic level, and she's 99% sure that he at least recognized his "sin" even if he didn't outright state it, so she's satisfied with that for now .///. At this point she's not even entirely sure how to... respond... Since they've already acknowledged their love for each other and as long as Battler isn't somehow horrified by the revelation, then it's a pleasant surprise, but still sort of... OK SO NOW WHAT?! I NEVER THOUGHT THIS THROUGH THAT FAR?? It's mostly just a great relief to think of him understanding the situation and not having to worry about how he'll accept it. (There are still other things she can and will be concerned about, but this alone is a weight off of her shoulders.) By now she's coasting on being as openly affectionate for him as she feels like being, and fuck the haters!!

Honestly, at this point, Beatrice's feelings for Raven don't influence her feelings for Battler or vice versa, so the fact that it's nevertheless a thing is mostly just uncomfortable for her. IF SHE THINKS ABOUT IT TOO MUCH, she freaks out a little bit, so she generally avoids doing so :') I... I can have everything I want if only I believe!!!! IN THE GOLDEN LAND, EVERYONE CAN LOVE AND COEXIST PEACEFULLY.

How you feelin' about what you did in Erika's heart, Battler