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Relationship meme time because I sure do love memes and everybody else is doing it too!

// friends //
best friends - [above all others]
close friends - [sharing secrets and dreams]
friends - [laughing together]
on good terms - [our silver lining]
friends by association - [a smile passing by]
emerging friends - [tentative bonds]
former friends - [gone astray]
longtime friends - [for so long]

\\ enemies \\
mortal enemies - [to the death]
bitter enemies - [take my poison]
enemies - [deep and bitter thoughts]
at odds - [set against each other]
enemies by association - [no kind words]
uneasy truce - [wary eyes on your back]
once enemies - [old scars we've forgotten]
rivals - [never gonna break my stride]

|| lovers ||
love from the heart - [forever is not enough]
friends with benefits - [too deep to be romance]
hand-holding - [touching still so new]
maybe something - [a little crush is a great weight]
practicality - [we just weren't meant to be]
past love - [used to be so tender]
secret glances - [no one needs to know]

|| playmates ||
lovehate - [can't stop thinking about hating you]
fling - [had fun and left behind]
in love with love - [why can't this be more]
unrequited - [holding these frustrated dreams]
interest - [just my type]
physical attraction - [an eye for the sensual]
obsession - [if you won't be mine]

{{ where the heart is }}
kin - [unbreakable bonds]
longing - [burrowing deep into your life]
seeking - [think well of me]
hesitating - [what getting too close may bring]
sympathy - [an umbrella in the rain]
trusting - [the good in you]
mentor - [sincerest form of flattery]
respectful - [never let me down]

{{ where the heart isn't }}
worthy of study - [take you apart to find how you work]
means to an end - [use the useful]
false friends - [these pleasant lying smiles]
hurtful things - [cruel without reason]
dismissal - [passed over like a shadow]
shut up - [every little thing annoys]
chew toy - [your pain pleases]
surface - [easy to mistake for sincerity]
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oh me me
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Hi, Battler!
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I'm curious. :x
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Me and Annabeth 'o'
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All three of me (Raven, Erika, Tiger...)
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Reverses!! this is hard

on good terms - [I don't understand why I like you]
friends by association - [except that Beatrice does so maybe that makes sense in a way?]
uneasy truce - [but I still feel like we should be in competition]
seeking - [I want to get to know you]
hesitating - [I don't know what's going to happen though]
mentor - [but if Beatrice won't help you I will]
respectful - [and I can tell you're a good guy no matter what]

bitter enemies - [I'll show you who's best]
at odds - [why would you abandon the side of mystery]
rivals - [obviously]
chew toy - [your pain pleases]

on good terms - [yup]
trusting - [you're a good kid]