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Question meme 2: Revenge of the Meme

Okay so the last time I did this I kind of dropped the ball! So since Battler recently passed 1500 comments, let's try this again, hopefully with less fail! Well, there's bound to be some fail because I am not that great at tl;dr BUT I WILL TRY
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First/general impressions?
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When they first met, Roxas got hit with *all the guilt* from way back in the day, when Beato first shared that memory. He was already pretty intent on making sure Battler was okay and protecting him from harm. And now, he's actually getting to know the guy, and he likes and trusts him. They just click, on an emotional level, especially, as you said, after that last game.

I'm also pretty sure that Battler and Lightning are the first Emeralds who've ever seen Roxas cry, since he tries to do the 'I must be strong for my team' thing. But yeah, lots of trust.

Are you playing in the Sea Witch and Hook game?
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I can't wait till the threads unlock!
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General/first impressions?
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Shark really likes Battler (stupid hair and all). He gets along well with dumb boys around his own age, so being able not to be quite as formal or polite and be more at ease and teasing definitely lets Shark relax more around Battler! He doesn't feel he knows Battler well, but he definitely wants to get to know him better. What he learned in (WHICH GAME WAS IT?) the confessions/questions game kind of has him going OH MY GOD YOUR LIFE? But he's also gotten more accustomed to people's CRAZY FUCKED UP LIVES in Aather so he's mostly keeping his "that is fucked up" reactions to himself.

In general it's easy for him to forget a little that Battler has a crazy life and he can derp with Wing or be serious with him at their own pace. IDK I'd describe their friendship so far as relaxed and comfortable, and Shark really likes the guy.

How is Battler settling into Aather and his opinions on games?
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Whiskey too I guess
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She's honestly surprised that Battler is giving her a chance, though. Antagonizing as hard as she can doesn't seem to be getting her anywhere, so she's tentatively backing off, but she doesn't know what... she should be doing in place of that. At the moment she is settling into a more honest and genuine approach, but she's afraid that Battler will do an about-face as soon as he gets the wrong memories--when she was telling him "hey you told me once that I shouldn't ever try to be friends with you again", she wasn't just saying that! She really is concerned that they have to do the aftermath of EP3 all over again!! So she's trying to be very, very upfront about their rivalry and more guarded about her own good/kind qualities. Just let me drag you through the question arc again properly you fool, you'll come out on the other side eventually 9_9 But she knows that that's near impossible to maintain in Aather, so :x She will just keep checking up on him to see if he remembers something important in either the positive or negative direction. Since she... just assumes he will tell her about it.

Other than her expectations of him, she notes well that her feelings on him are almost depressingly the same. Whether he's trying to find out more about her or telling her that she should get lost forever because he won't put up with her shit, she ends up hanging off of his every word... She's had the distance from him to recognize that maybe it's a little ridiculous, but it doesn't change her feelings at all :'D

WHISKEY MEANWHILE thinks that Battler is a pretty cool bro :|b In the same way that Battler thinks Whiskey is a little too easygoing, he thinks Battler can be just a little bit intense... Whiskey has a high tendency to go "eh fuck it" when things aren't going his way, especially in say, games where everything is hypothetical anyway!! When things are too complicated he just tsuns his way out of them wherever possible 8| That said, he doesn't think Battler is a bad guy at all, he is just a little worried that Battler will try to use his energy to drag everyone along to his own pace (especially in comparison to the rest of Emerald who are fairly low-key). Perhaps in the Emerald family they are the siblings around the same age who are similar enough that their differences are much more obvious to each other :U It's true that Whiskey thinks of him as more of an equal than the rest of Emerald who are all /// deredere, though that may be largely because they showed up around the same time.

Do you think that Battler will freak out more after receiving more memories? :|a Or is that kind of thing impossible to say...
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Thoughts on Raven, Erika and Tiger!!