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I'm not at any kind of milestone on comment counts yet, but it's his birthday so here's a question meme for Battler/Wing!
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tell me about me
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Lambda likes Battler's stupid face a lot! He's fun to poke fun at and he pokes back, so their personalities mesh well and it's always to fun to talk with him. Her quips about how she's going to get him and stuff actually are just bluster and her messing around! Because from her memories she remembers lots of bluster but very little actual malice, so she, well, sort of is just a silly girl (with a bit of inherent edge underneath) at this point. She was genuinely pissed at him during the Mr. Right game, but she knows it wasn't actually his fault and also she seriously is just purging that endgame from her memory because she cried :) and that's terrible :) So her feelings are basically PLAY WITH ME, DUMB BOY!!1

though she just got her first memory of him back and it's very :') so we'll see where that goes!

How is Battler settling in with Emerald?
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if it ever looked like he needed to sacrifice himself for the team, he'd do that in a second

ushiromiya battler stop running into traffic
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this isn't about me mister!!!
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First impressionsssssss?
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ARRY AND DAISY wham relationship/first impression go
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Arry likes Battler for much the same reasons; she's very big on defending people who can't defend themselves and also JUSTICE!!! But she's still ten so lmao she likes having fun too. Battler reminds her of some of her family members, a little bit.

Daisy likes Battler but is also very conflicted because of Beato! She wants to be friends with him but doesn't want to constantly drag him into a situation where he's uncomfortable or antagonized for being there. So basically she's having Peridot feelings and everything is normal. :|

what is battler's favorite thing about emerald so far?

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First impressiiiiiiiiions
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impressions for Beatrice and Whiskey too :D!!
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For Erikaaaa and also Tiger and Raven I guess :B
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First impressions~