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Memory 31

Memory: A proper wedding [ep6 Tea Party] (Significant Positive)
Game: Anon confessions (not played)
Day: 251
Form: A brightly coloured party cracker marked with a giant red WARNING!! label. You will need a friend or teammate to hold one end while you pull on the other—resulting in a shared memory. SURPRISE! (shared with Roxas)

ZEPAR & FURFUR: Then let the pair exchange their rings!!

......Beato took Battler's hand......and put a ring with the seal of the One-winged Eagle on his finger.

BATTLER: .........Are you sure...?

BEATRICE: You are already the territory lord. ......So, this ring belongs to you, Battler-san.

BATTLER: ......You really are sure? ......At this rate, the world you created......the tale...

BEATRICE: Yes. .........I created this tale because I wished to be with you. ......That means the purpose of this world has been fulfilled. ......So, from now on, ......I want you to write it. ......The rest of the tale...about you and me.

BATTLER: ............

BEATRICE: ......Heheh, are you kidding me? *cackle*cackle*, I'm just pushing the tiresome task of territory lord onto you. It's much easier being the wife, where you only have to brag...! I just need to play around and wait for you to write a new tale. And, for each new tale you write, I'll play any part you want. .........Be it an evil witch, or a rival. .....A lover, ......or a wife.

BATTLER: My tales are pretty intense. You'll be busy from dawn until dusk.

BEATRICE: Hmm...... Sounds perfect...

Beato's hand relinquished the ring of the territory lord...... From Battler, she received a silver ring with a crest that could only be worn by the wife of the territory lord. Then, they exchanged their rings, ......and their wedding was complete.

Then, the pair turned around, ......faced the packed crowd of guests, and raised their rings high. A thunderous applause rang out for them......

ZEPAR: As a memorial for this night's events, the great territory lord will now recognize the accomplishments of certain people.

FURFUR: Let those called come forward.

At Battler's nod, Beato read the name of the first guest to be recognized.

BEATRICE: ......Kanon. Come forward.

JESSICA: K, Kanon-kun...?!

A girl goat pushed her way through the crowd, took off her mask, and yelled.

A cloud of gold butterflies gathered before Battler and Beato......and took the form of Kanon, kneeling in front of these two nobles. Kanon had already died and vanished. ......However, all of the dead revive in the Golden Land.

KANON: Kanon, right here......

BEATRICE: When my husband was locked up and in danger, you rescued him and displayed your self-sacrifice by choosing to remain in the eternal prison in his place. That devotion is deserving of an award. Therefore, we will allow for your resurrection, as well as your continued service.

KANON: ......Ah. I am so honored...and happy!

JESSICA: Kanon-kun, ......Y, ...Yoshiya-kun!! Yoshiya-kunnn!! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!

Jessica raced forward and landed sobbing in Kanon's chest. Kanon patted her head gently and held her......

BATTLER: You won't be serving as furniture. You'll be serving as a human. ......Do you understand what that means?

KANON: .........Yes.

After looking at Jessica sobbing, ......he looked at Battler again and nodded forcefully.

BEATRICE: Now for the next pair. Ushiromiya George and Shannon! Come forward!!


George and Shannon were the next to be called. Perhaps they had already readied themselves. They walked forward boldly and kneeled.

GEORGE: Ushiromiya George, right here.

SHANNON: Shannon, right here......

BEATRICE: You two withstood Zepar and Furfur's trials until the very end. Your great achievements and affection, determination and nobility were exemplary and deserving of an award. Therefore, your marriage certificate has been issued with the territory lord's signature!

GEORGE & SHANNON: We are honored and happy.

BEATRICE: No one will be allowed to object to this certificate! Let the families of those recognized bless their union with all their hearts!!

BATTLER: And so, now that there's nothing stopping these two, let's all throw rice at them and celebrate. Hey, congrats, you two!

When the territory lord clapped his hands in celebration, it spread throughout the entire cathedral. Then, a group of goats in the front line of the crowd took their masks off one by one...

EVA: ......L, listen up, okay?! I'll never forgive you if you make too much salty miso soup! And George is getting a little overweight, so go easy on the sugar-

HIDEYOSHI: George! When a man gets married, he's got to treasure his wife even more than his parents! No matter what your mother says, you make sure you protect Shannon-chan!

GEORGE: Yes, of course!!

SHANNON: George-san...!!

EVA: A, anyway, George needs to be asleep by 7:00! I'll never forgive you if you let him stay up late!! And don't forget that washing his back and cleaning his ears are also a wife's responsibilities!!

NATSUHI: I, is that true...? Wh, what have I done...

KRAUSS: ...Th, that varies depending on the family......

KYRIE: Rudolf-san, have you been treasuring your wife?

RUDOLF: O, of course... Why would you doubt that...?!

ROSA: Find happiness, you two. Marriage isn't the goal. It's just the starting line, okay?

MARIA: Uu-uu-uu-! Congratulations, congratulations!!

SAKUTARO: Uryu-!! Congratulaaaaaaaatioons!!!

KANON: We mustn't lose either.

JESSICA: Heh, heheheheheh...!! Y, yeah, no way we're losing, dammiiiiiiiiiiit!!

All of the Ushiromiya family, all of the servants, and all of the spirits and demons that were attending celebrated the honorees with an even greater applause...

With this, .........the curtain closes on the tale woven by the Golden Witch. Perhaps we should finish this tale with the epitaph.

The following is the passage about the Golden Land, from the epitaph of the Golden Witch.

The witch shall praise the wise and bestow four treasures.
One shall be all the gold from the Golden Land.
One shall be the resurrection of all the dead souls.
One shall be the resurrection of the love that was lost.
One shall be to put the witch to sleep for all time.

Sleep peacefully, my most beloved witch, Beatrice......

What he learned:
+dskgjhsdjkgls WE'RE MARRIED?!?
+so many feelings so much dere I can't
+best ending!!
+where everyone's love is fulfilled
+and everyone gets along
+and no one is ever unhappy
+in the Golden Land
+...reality is overrated anyway

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