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Some kind of meme

Okay, I can't currently brain enough to do a proper writeup of Battler's heart but I know people were interested to know what kind of changes they made so ASK ME ABOUT THEM HERE??

Also Battler recently made it to 10k comments so let's have a general question/relationship dot meme here too :|a
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So about that cake...?

Also relationship, maybe I guess?
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It is the same actually! :x

Itachi likes Battler and trusts him pretty well. He would probably be willing to talk to him/open up to him more about himself than he does, if it seemed relevant or Battler asked him something. It's just their threads don't go in that direction very often, but maybe that will start to change now.

Did anyone from Emerald make any particular changes or effect anything in Battler's heart?
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It kind of did, but not in like a hugely drastic way since the part of Battler that is effected by Aather is the part Itachi is most familiar with. But it still made him become aware of some things. He realizes he is quite a remarkable social life apparently?? He doesn't really judge that though. He's just kind of like. "oh I didn't know" In general wandering around Battler's heart kind of made him more curious about him.

He actually feels kind of bad that he doesn't know more about him. Like, the heart game and Winter leaving happening on the same day made him realize how much time has passed since Battler arrived and how little he knows him, and he kind of feels like a shit teammate. So he might start to try to reach out to him a little more, and be less tied up in himself.

If he'd been through the more trauma laden part of the heart he might have felt like he understood him a little better. Like, the Aather part of the heart made him see how little he knows about him and how he maybe doesn't understand him that well. The trauma part of the heart would have made him realize how little he knows, too, but it would have added a layer of empathy, as well. Because Itachi does understand horrible trauma, as someone who has both experienced it and caused it.

I HAVE NO IDEA IF I MAKE SENSE. I think this ended up being more like a more detailed relationship update than it was meant to be, so I hope I answered your question :x

ETA: o right, Itachi realizes about Battler has nightmares now and that is definitely something he can empathize/sympathize with so, idk if he ever sees him seeming restless at night or exhausted during the day he might worry a bit, because he understands.

How would Battler feel about Itachi and Lightning having viewed some of the memories they saw in his heart?
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What changes did Fang make?

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The same, essentially! Though the heart game helped. She realized Battler is similar to her in some ways. Maybe not in how they handle things—she can tell from being in the boiler room that he is a much lower level individual by default—but since he's stubborn and keeps going anyway, it really is something. But the difference is that she can tell he doesn't give up at the heart of it all, which ... well, Fang does. So a large part of her admires him a lot after all of that! Something he said in their first game together about it being why she's a knight has stuck with her the entire time she's been in Aather, and honestly, it's why she didn't throw in the towel right away. BEYOND THAT, she is generally fond of him and does genuinely want to get to know him a lot better than she does, especially since there's a part of him that he was afraid she'd judge him for. There's a part of her that's like that (actually, she's convinced it's all of her, even if that isn't true in the least but Fang focuses on the negatives), so yeah.

MORE THAN ANYTHING his own weird LET'S SHOUNEN FORTH mindset is really good for her to identify as someone she wants to be around and his opinion matters a lot.

OH RIGHT A QUESTION. Can I know how the Raven/Battler/Beato thing happened? I missed it!
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... Re: cheating, does Battler not know that Beato was dating other people? (SORRY THAT PART LITERALLY MADE ME CRACK UP.)
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I hope you know the Very Serious Talk Suzaku had with Battler in the one plot event was with the assumption he knew they had a thing. This makes me laugh so hard. Poor Battler.
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I don't even know why Suzaku assumed Battler would know.

(No, I know why. Suzaku idealizes Beatrice and why wouldn't she tell him.

Suzaku is a bit clueless, too.)
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What would've happened if she or someone else let ANGER NPC out of the storage closet? AND DID LAMBDA MAKE ANY OTHER SIGNIFICANT CHANGES I GUESS!
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She would've... ignored him and kept walking, probably. She would've seen through that sort of behavior right away (especially since she does the exact same thing herself to the point where she even had a similarly functioning NPC in her own heart) and if he had still insisted in getting in her way she would've gone into a thorough explanation of how his behavior was obviously an attempt to hide something and made it quite clear she understood exactly what was going on. :)

This is not related to the heart but since I'm curious, which teams does Battler have the best or strongest impressions of? WELL I GUESS I COULD ALSO TIE THAT INTO HEART and ask which team rooms in his heart were the most significant/planned out!
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dots for Annabeth 'u'
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Keep in mind that Annabeth's starting point is a blue circle with no dots, so this is pretty good! She is automatically on edge around new people until she can assess them, it's one of her ~charms~.

WHAT DID WE DO TO YOU BATTLER did freeing you from (what I assume was??) the logic error do good or bad things.
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and also heart game stuff for Erika if there is... much

and also I want to know what touching the budding yellow flowers would have done '-'
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She wouldn't have been like... wantonly destructive though? Walking into a heart and maliciously breaking random stuff isn't actually her style as much as people will yell at her about it. Since she's all about revealing the ~truth~ it would be more digging out hidden things or changing things where the trigger seems like it will push Battler more towards what she considers "reality". She would probably have had fun with anger NPC at the very least!

What was in the revengefeelings DO NOT OPEN box?
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suddenly dere



Which is three dots above her baseline. . .

It's rarely anywhere in between though. It's either "you can actually be pretty okay and fun" or "USHIROMIYA BATTLERRRRRRRRRRRRRR I HATE YOU THE MOST!!!! >( >( >("

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I want dots . . . . .
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Serah loves Emerald a lot, and she knows that Battler especially means a lot to Lightning . . . So, there's a lot of dere. ////// That, and she's simply a loving girl, so!

If you go pink, you die with Persephone . . . So, yellow is safe . . . Yellow is nice . . . . . . .

So, how's Battler feeling with Emerald??

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Uhhh, she likes Camelot! Because it is a different area than she's ever lived in, and it doesn't have the elements of being a beach while not being a beach . . . Wonderland o9!!! With how everything is so much tougher, hmm, she doesn't mind it too much . . . If it hits other people too hard, then she might take out a standing quest to just keep plugging away at trying to get food. But, on the other hand, it has a nice leveling factor with the knights that she really does like. She never thought of them as different from heroes, now there really is very little different between them.

As far as Personae go, hmmm . . . She hasn't met any! But she is going to express her discomfort with Lancelot very quickly with this game. She doesn't like the sound of his approach to "knighthood". If everyone can unite in saying UM NO???, then she will be chill . . . And she isn't the type to hate or even dislike anyone very much, so she will just make faces and do her own thing.

Are you topping anyone for your younger sister yet???
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His base is somewhere in low blue, so! PRETTY GOOD THERE.
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